Human Resource Management System

Affordable and Powerful HRMS Solution

Our Open-Source based Human Resource Management System (HRMS) solution is designed to ensure excellence on HR Processes and Activities automation. This solution is for both large and medium sized businesses. Obviously this solution can be scaled down to small businesses also. This powerful and easy to use HRMS solution allows your HR team start working more efficiently on utilizing their time and resource. It offers you wide range solutions for your human resource data management needs.

This HRMS solution features include all core functions of Human Resource Management, a schematic illustration is as bellow.

This solution is running on the PostGRE database which is an object-relational database management system (ORDBMS) available for many platforms including Linux, FreeBSD, Solaris, Microsoft Windows and Mac OS X. This is an infinitely scalable database for which lots of developers and support options are available. This solution is built on the stable MVC model and OpenObject standard. It pretty much covers all the functionalities for large business needs. And it is less significant expensive than Tier-1 ERP/HRMS solutions like Oracle, SAP. For large and medium-sized businesses, this could be the fastest and least expensive ERP/HRMS solution to get your goals accomplished.


Staffing & Talent Management

[Staffing Requirements, Candidate Sourcing, HRMS Job Portal, Resume Management, Applicants and Applications Management, Interview & Test Management, Selection Procedure, On-Boarding]

Employee Directory

[Employee Records Management, Personal Information Management, Professional Information Management, Job Card, Historical Information Management, Employee Profiling]

Contract Management

[Job Contract Management, Salary Structure Management, Benefit & Other Compensation Management]

Workforce Planning

[HR Strategic Planning, Define Regular Work Functions, Define Project Worksheets & Workforces, HR Project Management, Project Timesheets & Financials Management, Roster Management – Work Planning – Assessments - Financials]

Appraisal Management

[Vertical Appraisal, Peer/Horizontal Appraisal, 360-degree Appraisal, KPI Based Appraisal : Bottom-Up Approach, Performance Scoring Management, Goal/KPI Negotiations, Appraisal Meetings & Interviews]

Training & Development

Training Need Assessment

[Skill Factory, Scope-Skill Matrix, Training Need Requirements Management, Skill Surveys, Manager’s Assessment]

Training & Development Program Management

[Training Matrix, Program Management, eLearning, Internal Training & Assessment, Follow-up Management, Training Inventory, Expense Management]

Feedback Management

[Training Performance Management, Trainee & Trainer’s Feedback Management]

Incentives & Motivation Management

Payroll Management

[Salary Rules Management, Salary Structure Management, Individual Payroll Management, Pay-slips & Notifications: email, pdfs, Bank Payment Advices, Individual Payroll Run, Batch Payroll Run, Historical Wage Information Management, Increments & Appraisal Links with Payroll Management]


[Income Tax Management, Tax Rule Implementation at per Law-of-the-Land, Automated Tax Calculation, E-TDS Return]

Other Benefits Management

[Employee Loan Management, EMI Schemes, PF Management, Gratuity Management, Other Retirement Benefits Management]

Human Resource Management

Organizational Chart

[Multiple Companies Provision, Org-Chart Management, Visual Representation, Shadow Management, Replacement Matrix Management]

Attendance Management

[Attendance Management, Automated Attendance Interfaced with Access Control Device’s Outputs, Approval Based Attendance, Self-Attendance System, Financials Incorporation with Attendance Management, Leave and Attendance Synchronization, Overtime Management, Complete Timesheets Management, Roster Duty Management, Event Notification System]

Leave Management

[Leave Allocation, Leave Request to Approval Process, Notification Management]

Expense Management

[Any Kind of HR Expanse Management, HR-Finance Integration, HR Budgeting]

Audit Trial

[User Activity Tracking, Process Tracking, Compliance Tracking]

Reports & Dashboards

[360-degreee Reporting, KPI Reporting, On-Demand Analytics, Ad-hoc Analytics, Multi Dimensional Reporting, BI (OLAP) Integration and Slicing-Dicing Reporting]